Christian Democrats working for:

Thank You!

for voting us in the parliamentary elections 2011.

We can collaborate and therefore your vote is heard in the Government.


Traditional marriage remains

Home care subsidy remains

The income level of the society’s weaker members improves

Realization of youth guarantee

Act on services for the elderly is made possible


We successfully defended teaching of religion

We improved the position of Christian schools

Fund collecting of congregations and associations was made easier

Congregations got money for renovations

Home country

We take good care for the internal security of our country

The police got the financial resources it needed

We insisted on having collaterals in exchange for loans permitted to the Euro Area Member States

We restrained incurring of debt

We take good care of your economy

Päivi Räsänen

Minister of the Interior

We want:

To guarantee local services and health services for everyone

To create welfare by encouraging to take care of our neighbors

More support, security and home services for families

Safe schools

Easily accessible treatment of mental health disorders and substance abuse problems

A safer old age whether at home or in institution

To increase growth entrepreneurship and employment in municipalities

Co-operation between congregations and associations

To invest in a safe and clean environment

Vote for security workers in your municipality!

Security workers

1. Local services guarantee security

The basic services essential for the wellbeing of the inhabitants of a municipality must be organized locally while taking into consideration individual needs. Services must be easily accessible and they must be accessed quickly. Taking care of a rapid fire and rescue service in addition to first aid is a special responsibility.

2. High-quality health services are a prerequisite for security

By reinforcing primary health care we can get help to illnesses at an early stage and similarly save from expensive special health care. The health care chain must be as seamless as possible and inhabitants of the municipalities must have equal opportunities to get high-quality special health care services. High-quality health services must be the primary object in which we invest tax revenues.

3. A safe municipality guarantees future for families

Families create the future of municipalities. Therefore it is important that families get sufficient support in their educational tasks. Municipalities have to have the ability to offer family work and home care for families which are in need of help. Municipal supplement to home care subsidy strengthens families’ options in raising their children. The quality of municipal day care and a sufficient amount of personnel working at day care must be taken care of.

4. A safer old age both at home and in institution

Municipalities must create good conditions for a good old age. Elderly people living at home must be supported  by investing to home help services and caring for close relatives. Institutional care has to be developed in order to guarantee a safe and a dignified old age.

5. Prevention of social exclusion furthers security

The social exclusion of young people presents a great threat for internal security. Municipalities must focus more on preventing exclusion from the society. Every young must be offered a path to get forward in life; no one is left alone. Municipalities must invest to easily accessible treatment of mental health and substance abuse.

6. Children have a right to safety in schools

Bullying must be stopped. It must be prevented sternly in every school. A child has a right to a safe school day.  Teachers must have authority to stop disturbances. The physical school environment must be taken care of in such a way that the school does not suffer from mold damage.

7. Employment creates security

An adequate standard of living is essential for feeling of security. Employment situation must be improved in every way. Better connections between schools and working life are needed. Local strengths and expertise must be acknowledged.

8. A safe municipality cherishes entrepreneurship

Municipalities have to strengthen entrepreneurship and create good conditions for growth to enterprises. Municipalities must take effort to accumulate their income, which in practice means effective economic policy. Local entrepreneurs have to be offered an invitation to tender for procurement of services or goods.

9. A safe and clean environment creates comfortability

A clean environment is a unique resource, which must be taken care of. Municipalities can significantly increase renewable power production. For example, farms and households as small electricity producers have untapped resources. Municipalities must, according to their possibilities, favor local producers for example in school catering.

10. Caring creates security

We need genuine care for our neighbors. Experiencing meaningful connection creates immaterial wellbeing, which municipalities can strengthen by developing recreational activities.

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